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About me


I was born into aerial arts in September 2020, and my first word was "aerial hoop."

My passion for the air, spinning, and fluidity was passed down to me by Tracy Tagada.

I then developed my aerial style with tricks that combine strength and flexibility, spins, and rolls.

I also expanded my vocabulary by learning from various international artists and exploring different aerial apparatuses such as hammock, fabric, trapeze, aerial rope, vertical dance, and spiral.

Since January 2022, I have been training in pedagogy under Tracy's guidance, assisting her in workshops. This learning process culminated in the certification of technical and pedagogical modules (Levels 1 to 3).

In April 2023, I went to Ireland to deepen my knowledge of the aerial hoop with Aisling Ni Cheallaigh and Jenny Tufts.

Then, in June 2023, I traveled to London (My Aerial Home) to train in aerial arts and obtain the EAC Foundation 1-Month certification.

In April 2024, I expanded my hoop knowledge by attending Ben Brown's 1-Month School of Hoop.

On the program: dynamics, spinning and twisty-splity shapes. 

These successive and ongoing training experiences have allowed me to evolve as an artist and teacher. I take pleasure in sharing my knowledge and conveying my passion through my classes and workshops.

I am also a co-creator of Hooxperience: the educational aerial hoop card game, released in September 2023.

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